Monday, April 28, 2008


This past Saturday night was Game Night at Scott's house. Food+Fellowship+Games=Fun Times!!! Thanks Scott for having us all over!

A Few More Pics of Baby Abbigail!

Here are a few pics of my time in OK(a few weeks ago)with Teri and sweet baby Abbigail. I so loved just sitting and holding her all afternoon! I miss you Teri and my little "rolly polly"(that's my nick name for Abbigail)! Can't wait to see you guys Mother's Day weekend! Love you lots!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


My best friend, Amy, and her husband, Allen, celebrate their one year anniversary today. Time sure does fly! I can't believe you guys have been married for a year! I remember the first time you asked Allen to come home with you, the dating period, the first "I love you", the engagement period(fun and tiring=), marriage, and parenthood. What wonderful memories(some good and some bad-let's focus on all the good ones today)! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! May God bring you peace and wrap his loving arms around the both of you today! May God bless you today and bring so many blessings to your marriage in the year to come! I love you guys!

I can't believe Simon is 3 months old today! He is growing up so fast and getting so big. Give him a kiss and a hug from his Beeda!

Please continue to lift Amy, Allen, and Simon up in prayer! May God calm the storms soon and bring Sugar Bear home to his mommy and daddy!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Tonight, our L.I.T.(Leadership In Training)5th and 6th graders, put on another Kids Blitz(Take 2)at Westcliff Elementary. The turn out was great! About 107 kiddos with their parents came to eat free pizza and hear about Jesus through songs, puppets, skits, and the wordless book. Once again our L.I.T. boys and girls stepped up to the plate and did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!! WAY TO GO GUYS!!! The night was a HUGE SUCCESS AND BROUGHT GLORY TO GOD!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Fellowship + Food = Fun!

On Thursday night, I had my BSF(Bible Study Fellowship)small group gals over to my house to have a fellowship and ice cream sundaes-yum! What's a fellowship without some kind of food involved-right! Fellowship+Food=Fun!!! It was also a Congrats and Good Luck in Medical School Celebration for our small group leader Kathleen. She got into Med School in Houston-YAY!! We had the best time hanging out even though our time got cut short due to some EXTREMELY BAD WEATHER! Thanks Kathleen's mom for calling to inform us of the bad weather coming our way! Over the last several months I've become really close to these ladies and God has truly used these ladies to teach me and be a blessing in my life!

As a Congrats and Good Luck in Medical School, we gave Kathleen a Build-A-Bear dressed in a doctors outfit named Patches-too cute! We will miss you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sweet, Precious, Baby Abbigail Is Here!

Abbigail Elizabeth
Birthdate 04/14/2008
Birthtime 11:45 PM
Weight (lbs,oz) 8,14
Length (in) 21 3/4
Parents Teri and Chris

My best friend from High School just had her baby! Congrats Teri and Chris!!! I can't wait to come hold sweet, precious, baby Abbigail! Saturday can't come soon enough! More pics to come! =)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun Times With My L.I.T. Girls!!!

This past Friday night, Ashley(the 5th grade girls small group leader)hosted a sleepover at her house for the 5th and 6th grade girls of L.I.T.(Leadership In Training). The adventures all started when I got to pick up and take 4 of my girls to the party. Let's just say we kinda got a little lost on our way...we only ended up being an hour late(I told the girls that we arrived fashionably late)...not to mention all the memories created in the car...hmmm thanks to Carly I can't get this continuous laughing out of my head(seriously,she didn't stop laughing for 15 min.straight-we don't even know what she was laughing about!). Once we finally got to the party we all had so much fun! We had pizza to eat and lot's of good snack foods to munch on throughout the night. The girls taught Ashley, Emily, and I some dance moves to a song from Hair Spray. I'm sure that was a sight to see(picture 12 girls and 3 adults dancing around and having fun in the living room)! After dancing we thought we needed a little bit of fresh air so we decided to take a hike(2 miles total)to a near by school with a playground. The girls had so much fun playing! Once we got back from our hike was craft time. I love CRAFT TIME(being the K teacher that I am)! We decorated pillows. They turned out so cute! After craft time was makeovers. The girls had a partner and they took turns doing each other's makeup. This was a sight to see because most of the girls have never put on makeup before. Let's just say that some of them did a good job, but there were a few that were like WOW...really not so much blush! To end the night, we put in a movie and got in our p.j.'s to fall fast asleep. Yeah, right I'm sure the girls were up all night-but the adults did get some sleep! Thanks Ashley for hosting the sleepover and including the 6th grade girls and I in all the fun!!! Fun times!!! I love these girls!!! God has truly used these girls and our friendship to be one of the BIGGEST blessings in my life!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I Owe It All To Mother!

It’s your birthday, Mom.
So I will raise a cheer.
For without you, wondrous person,
I would not be here.

Yes, I owe it all to you, Mom.
From the time that I was small,
You encouraged me in everything,
And tried not to let me fall.

Throughout my life your caring,
Brightened each and every minute.
You loved me and enriched my life,
And I’m so glad to have you in it!

By Karl Fuchs

Wishing you lots of blessings on this SPECIAL DAY!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! XOXOXOXOX

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


No this isn't an April Fool's Day joke...Yate's turned the BIG 30 TODAY! HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope that you had a very SPECIAL DAY and may God bring you lots of blessings this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!