Monday, December 17, 2007


This past Friday night I went to watch the Mavericks take on the Hornets at the A.A.C. with my really good friend, Yates. She got me a ticket as a b-day and Christmas gift. I know, really great gift, right! Thank goodness we weren't at Texas Stadium because it came a down pour and was extremely cold weather. That's one thing great about b-ball is that it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside bc the game is played inside! Anyway, we had an AWESOME time!! Here's a couple of funny stories from Friday night: While trying to find parking, we pulled up to a lot that was a block away to discover that it cost $25 to park there- we were like yeah right! So we drove another block down to discover a $15 parking lot-we continued another block down to discover a $10 parking lot where we decided to park. At the time it seemed like an ok decision only to find out that after the game it was raining a little heavy-maybe we should have paid a little extra on second thought. Oh well, we had fun walking and getting all wet in the freezing cold, not to mention I could no longer feel my toes due to the fact that my socks had gotten wet! Inside, before the game started, we went to every fan shop trying to find that perfect Mav shirt that didn't cost $50 or more. I'm still hunting, but settled on a $20 shirt, which I'm still debating on whether it's a night shirt or night. I think I figured it out though-a night shirt wouldn't have a hood on it-so I definitely think that it's ok to wear out in public. Not sure I really like it all that much, though. The game was fun and we had good seats. Best of all the Mavs won and I got to spend some time with Yates!!
After the game, we were on a hunt to find the BIG Dallas Christmas Tree. We found it, but once we found it it was another story in how to get to it and where to park. The streets are so crazy in Dallas! Finally, after making a square around the block(like 4 times)we discovered where to park and how to walk up to the beautiful, big tree. It was a BIG, BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE!! I wonder how they put all those lights on the tree and the star at the top? So glad that I didn't have that job!
Thanks Yates for the Mavs ticket and a fun night! I am so thankful for our friendship!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007



Here's my fav five things about my BFF, but the list could go on and on:
1. We can laugh about anything together, even stupid stuff!
2. Our talks! Your great wisdom, advice, and listening ears!
3. Hanging out and not doing anything-just being together!
4. Vacations together!
5. Your love for football!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis the have a Christmas Party!

Deck the Halls! I love Christmas time! I love listening to Christmas music every where I go! I love Christmas decorations and Christmas lights on houses! I really love Christmas parties, so last night my teacher friends came over to my house for a Christmas party. For dinner(since I'm known not for my cooking)I got fajita dinners from Rosa's. The food was a huge success! Though a little stressful on my part, not knowing if I had enough food for everyone, as it turned out we had plenty of food-thank goodness! We also did a white elephant gift exchange, which is always fun when you play with fellow teachers(fun to see all the gifts other teachers get from previous students that they really don't know what to do with besides set aside for this occasion). I ended up with something I actually kinda thought was cute and I might set out-a Christmas bear toothbrush holder and soap dispenser(I love bears)!It was so much fun spending time with my fellow teachers outside of school and seeing my long, lost teacher friend Amy Moore again! We all miss you at Westcreek Elem. Mrs. Moore, but we are glad that you are doing well at your new school!!
I feel truly blessed by God to have such wonderful friends and godly women to work with everyday! It's such a nice feeling to go to work knowing that I have a group of ladies who listen, support, and encourage me! Thanks for all that you do ladies and I'm so glad that we got to celebrate Christmas together!!